Easy living room exercises

Looking for ways to stay active right (indoors) now? Here are three simple exercises to help you meet physical activity guidelines, right from your living room:

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggest that adults should move more and sit less throughout the day. [1] For substantial health benefits, adults should do:

  • At least 2.5-5 hours a week of aerobic physical activity at moderate intensity (think brisk walking, swimming, or mowing the lawn)


  • 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2.5 hours a week of aerobic physical activity at vigorous intensity (think running or aerobic dancing). [1],[2]. You can also do a combination of moderate and vigorous exercise.


  • Strength training for all major muscle groups at least twice a week. [1],[2] In addition to lifting weights, this includes exercises that use your own body weight, like squats, planks, and lunges.

Some physical activity is better than none and can still provide health benefits! A single exercise activity can have immediate health benefits, including:

  • reduced anxiety and blood pressure,
  • improved quality of sleep,
  • and improved insulin sensitivity. [3]

Follow along in the video below to master using a resistance band.

Chair exercises are great for all ages.

Channel summertime and use a beach ball to exercise.


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